Emergency Light V16 | PF Led ONE V16®

Emergency Light V16 | PF Led ONE V16®




V16 Emergency light only available in Spain. Book now and get a 10% discount.
Delivery scheduled for July 2022.

V16 Emergency Light Connected – DGT
SIM card included
Line maintenance included for 12 years

Available for Pre-Sale

Brand: PF Erum Vial
Model / Reference: PF Led ONE V16® Connected
Description: Easy to operate luminous portable emergency road sign, consisting of a flashing light. Avoid dangerous situations and increase your safety on roads or  at any other place that requires signaling a dangerous area. Easy fix, just place over a metal surface. It has a magnetic base and 1 double-sided adhesive.

Tags: PF Led One, accident prevention sign.

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Product information

Additional information


Emergency Light V16 suitable for all types of vehicles and areas that require signaling a danger zone. Suitable for use in motorcycles.


Unique patented design. Visible beacon with roof bars. Dual fixing system. Low power consumption NB-IoT connectivity and high coverage. V16 Emergency Light suitable for all weather conditions.

Installation mode

The V16 emergency light is magnetically attached. Additionally, 1 double-sided adhesive is included to fix the sign on any type of surface. High intensity LED lights.


High luminous efficiency V16 Emergency Light visible from 1000 meters away.

Battery Type

9V battery. Duration more than 2 hours.

Placement location

Roof, motorcycle fuel tank, any metal surface.
Magnetic: Any metal surface
Adhesive: Any plastic surface

Manufacturing place: Spain
Certification: CE
Warranty: 2 years
Water, wind, snow resistant: Yes
Material: ABS

Patented Product

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